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Games submitted by teachers
(8 games)
1KasparovTopalov19991-0Wijk aan Zeeview5
1LarsenSpassky19700-1Belgrade URS-Worldview5
1KarpovKasparov19850-1WCC (16)view5
5LarsenPetrosian19661-0Santa Monicaview4
5McDonnellLa Bourdonnais18340-1London (16)view4

Names & tournaments
Try to use an English form for player names (Kasparov, Korchnoi, Yusupov...).
For tournaments try to use mainly the town. For special events use:
Ol for Olympiads
WCC for World Chess Championship, and add the number of the game in brackets ().

Chess-Teaching plans to add these features:
- every registered teacher will be able to vote for 3/4/5 stars for each games
- search tool, especially by topics

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